Enjoy the first chapter of GET SMARTER before deciding to buy. Enjoy!

1 The Decision-Maker: A Tool for a Lifetime
2 Know Your Edge
3 Reciprocity
4 Career Lines—Jobs to Seek and Those to Avoid
5 Money’s Value Falls 90 Per Cent Every Thirty Years
6 Be a Positive Person
7 There’s No Such Thing as an Overnight Success
8 Rules for Aging (or Living)
9 Longevity and Health
10 Patience: A Key to Success in Business and Life
11 Success Correlates to Exposure
12 Handling Adversity: Life Lesson
13 Sex and Love
14 Friends
15 Never Envy the Rich Man or Any Person
16 Be the Promoter, Not the Promotee (or Patsy)
17 Selling
18 Never Give Out Free Options
19 Don’t Let Cash Burn a Hole in Your Pocket
20 Track the Cash
21 Investors’ Perceptions of Risks are Overinfluenced by Recent History (Amos Tversky), or, Why Financial History Is So Important to Study
22 China
23 Speeches—Ten Rules to Utilize
24 What is a Leader?
25 Partners
26 Dealing with Bosses or Successful People
27 The Media, Your Life, and Statistical Odds
28 Investing in Foreign Countries
29 Spending Money
30 The Oil Industry
31 Business Axioms
32 Money Management and Finance as Careers
33 A Successful Businessperson Has To Learn to To Say No!
34 Skin in the Game
35 On Buying a Business (Or, Better Yet, Starting One)
36 Deals and Investments
37 Zero-Sum Games
38 Why Growth Stocks Are a Poor Choice for Wealth Creation
39 Venture Capital—Investing in Start-Ups
40 Setting Incentives—The Key to Building a Company
41 Gold
42 The Power of the 20 Per Cent Position Versus
Hostile Takeovers
43 Corporate Taxes—Successful Companies Pay Them!
44 Home Ownership
45 Governance
46 The Law, Lawyers, and the US Tort System
47 The Evolution of My Thinking about Philanthropy
48 Quotations
49 Seven Closing Thoughts